Safety doesn't happen by accident.

We’re obsessed with exceeding all current safety standards in everything we do. The technology in our arsenal can — and does — save lives.


Since its introduction in 2013, the V12™ High-Volume Ventilation unit has been praised by electricians for its superior air flow, ease of use, and field-tested durability. Since we began offering the V12 we have only had to replace one faulty switch on one unit. No other units have been returned for any reason.


Staying true to the scientists we are at heart, we have experimented with hundreds, if not thousands, of different fabric combinations, chemistries, and safety systems. The resulting fabric system is 37% lighter†, 2X more breathable with twice the moisture wicking potential‡.

† 37% lighter than traditional PPE 4 systems.
‡ Moisture adversely affects the ATPV / EBT rating of a fabric system


Revolutionary Safety Innovation

Unparalleled protection.

OTEX Protective Jacket Features Fabric Layers Hood Handle MSA or JSP Hardhat Paulson Face Shield V12™ Ventilator 1:1 Balance Lets You Keep a Clear Line-of-Sight On Your Work Ergonomic Design Allows Full Rotation and Movement

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OTEX UltraLight Arc Hood Features

  • Ergonomic hood design allows for full rotation and movement without compromising coverage.
  • 1:1 Balance: We designed our ventilator to offset the weight of our face shield to keep a clear line of sight on your work.
  • V12™ High-Volume Ventilator
    • 35 Cubic feet of air every minute
    • 6+ hours of battery life
    • Durable Kydex® shell is built to last
    • Snap-in design is completely removable in seconds
    • 12 volt, 1 amp
  • Paulson face shields and brackets snap in or fit universally over any hard hat
  • Hood Handle lets you grasp the hood for easy removal or transport
  • LED Head Lamp illuminates low-light environments
    • UL Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D
    • Class II Division 2 Groups F & G
    • UL Temp Code T6

Technical Design

Our focus on safety, without ignoring style, comfort and fit means that our customers have garments they can trust — and will want to wear.


OTEX prides itself on its obsessive approach to garment design & manufacture. From prototyping designs to selecting the chemistries, fibers, and components, to the highest quality manufacturing processes, we ensure our products are unbreakable.


Cooler. Lighter. Performance. Your expectations. Our Obsession. Our PPE has been subjected to the abuse of end user wear since 2004.


OTEX partners with distributors and end users to develop technology and fabric systems for their specific risk factors. We're with you even when we’re not, and we make it a point to understand what you’re up against.


Our products have been certified and tested to ASTM, OSHA, and NFPA standards through independent globally-recognized test houses. Test data available on request.


Our extensive testing & certification of garments includes single layers, multi-layer ensembles, ventilation units for hoods, and other proprietary technology.


Our focus on quality ensures that our garments offer an enhanced lifecycle.

OTEX products are designed to deliver unparalleled longevity by harnessing fibers like Kevlar® and Nomex®. Our obsession with quality, comfort, style, and durability are woven through all of our products. Each element is carefully selected.

  • Stain and Water Repellent — Helps to protect the garment and ensure its longevity and compliance to FR standards
  • FR For Life — All of our fabrics are certified to maintain their Arc Rating regardless of how many times you wash it.
  • YKK Zippers — Heavy duty, high-temp zippers with Nomex® tape.
  • Triple Stitched Seams — Preventing seam splitting in high pressure areas on garments
  • 2X Durability — Kevlar® reinforced fibers do that.
  • High Tenancity Core Spun FR Threads — The strongest, longest lasting thread available
  • NFPA 2112 Components — All components are rated to NFPA 2112. Why? Otherwise the components are subjected to a less stringent testing standard that does not meet our internal requirements.
  • Moisture Wicking — Our fabric systems maximize moisture wicking, which protects your arc rating. When FR fabrics are wet, their ATPV and EBT ratings reduce because moisture interferes with the fabric's ability to absorb the exothermic energy.

Our Products and Services

OTEX offers much more than high quality products with our range of added value services to support all your garment needs.

  • Our Partnership Approach

    Our Partnership Approach

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