OTEX AR Smart Hood

You've made it. The worlds first and only smart hood awaits you.

7 Reasons Smart Hoods are the Future of Arc Flash PPE

  1. Patented ArcSensor Technology

When a ventilator continues to pump in air after an arc flash, it is pumping in toxic chemicals and contaminating the freshest air in the room, the air in the hood. None of the major governing bodies or standards organizations even know what those toxic chemicals actually are and therefore do not understand what the long-term health impacts of inhalation are. Our ArcSensor technology senses the arc flash and cuts off the ventilator, leaving fresh air in the hood while workers evacuate,

2. ION Ventilator

The lithium-ion powered ventilator uses two smaller fans (15 CFM each) instead of one to double the airflow without doubling the noise. The two fans allow for the airflow to be directed perfectly around both sides of the head. It also maintains consistent output over a six-hour period as opposed to the traditional AA batteries that slow the fan speed over the duration of the battery life. Lithium-ion is only available on our 3D printed ION ventilator, AA batteries are only available on the V12 ventilator, our original high-volume ventilator.

3. X Mode

X Mode increases comfort and safety for users by sensing the environment inside the hood and adjusting the ventilator to make sure the user is comfortable and safe at all times. If the oxygen level and temperature are low the ventilator will turn on low to increase oxygen levels without cooling the user. If the temperature is high, though, the ventilator will turn on high to cool the user as well.

4. Rise Hood

Our lift front hoods make it easy to open the hood without having to take it all off. Our hoods also have a 1:1 balance between the weight of the shield in the front and the weight of the ventilator in the back.

5. 3D Printing

OTEX AR using 3D printing technology to manufacture our newest ventilation system, the ION. This allows us to create our signature ventilation technology in-house and react quickly to customer feedback.

6. Ventilator Protection Pocket

For our competitors, the hole that needs to be cut out from the back of the hood to fit the ventilator compromises user safety. Our ventilators sit inside a pocket on the back of the hood so they are completely covered by fabric, no more air gaps around your ventilator.

7. Made in the USA

All of our products from our hoods down to our overpants are made in America, right here in upstate New York. Even 95% of the materials we source are made in America.